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            To address your specific testing and measurement needs, RPG Electronics helps our clients to develop different testing solutions with different T&ME (makers, models & options) so that you could launch your R&D projects, pilot production and/or meet your surge of production volume with minimum up front capital investment and fast turn-on lead time.   Thanks to OEMs’ support and years of investment, RPG Electronics can not only provide brand new T&ME but also quality pre-owned ones with various warranty and maintenance programs.




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            Our Goals:

            service every customer sincerely, focus on technology improvement, to do business with integrity and creditability

            Our Objective:

            with continuous innovation and improvement, strive to make RPG a leading "one-stop" service brand in Chinese instrument industry

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            Add:Room 1505-1506,Building 3-D Cloud Park-Phase I 2018Xuegang Road Bantian,Longgang,Shenzhen, China

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